Aware of the need of networking, from early ATPR sought to international partners whom to work with, carrying its work in deepening such partnerships.


ATPR is the Portuguese representative and founding member of ALLIURIS-Alliance of International Business Lawyers, association representing medium sized law firms (15 to 30 lawyers by firm) especially geared towards the advisory of companies at provide services in various European countries, India, China and Brazil.


Very much accustomed to working together in transnational projects, there is now a deep understanding among lawyers, what has been a high value with for clients.


Currently the partner José de Athayde de Tavares is a member of ALLIURIS's board.


Seeking to respond to new challenges of ATPR, integrating this worldwide network aims at cooperation in matters which involve interaction of several jurisdictions, the referral of clients and also the continuous training of its Lawyers.


This partnership has encouraged ATPR and its Lawyers to continue learning new ways of working.